Transportation Markets

UNICORN enables personal interactions between businesses and customers, teachers and students, domestic and foreign governments, friends and families to take place. We work alone or with a team to construct the public infrastructure and works that facilitate the movement of people and goods from one place to another. We even provide the parking lot when they get there.

The field of transportation can be divided into three major market sectors: (1) infrastructure, (2) vehicles, and (3) operations. UNICORN’s sector is the first of these – infrastructure. Within that sector, we service 5 vertical markets, including:


Broadly speaking, the design and inspection of transportation networks is the domain of civil engineering and urban planning. Likewise, the realization of those plans is the domain of the construction company. So before you hop in that next plane, board that next train, drive that next car, bike around that next block, or take your dog for another walk down the street, remember this – people like us got you there.